Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9. Go to Zion's

I finally went to Zion! After living in Utah for 7 years, moving to Florida, Boston and now living in California I made it! I met a guy in my ward who went to Zion lots of times while he was in school. He has experience doing back country hikes in Zion that not a lot of people do because the repelling. I was so lucky to meet him and do one of the back country hikes. I never would have gotten to do something like this without him so thanks Pete!

The first day we were there we decided to hike Angels Landing, which is one of the most popular hikes. The hike is pretty intense and the heat didn't help. It was over 100 degrees! It is also a little dangerous, you have to hold onto chains in spots to make sure you don't fall off the very high cliff! It was beautiful and worth it!

Pete and I hiking the switchbacks on Angels Landing.
Pete, Holly and I hiking down one of the spots where there were chains.
Holly, Pete, me and Tony at the top of Angels Landing.

On the second day we did the back country hike Pine Creek. It was so incredible! We almost didn't get to do it though because the guy that worked at the check in counter told us I made the reservation for the wrong day and that there were none left for the next day! I felt so bad! I couldn't believe that I made such a huge mistake! luckily Pete and I went back later to see if there were any cancellations and there was a new worker that told us that we were already booked... It felt so good knowing that I didn't screw everything up!

The hike was pretty short, only a few miles but had five repels. There was also water that we had to go through that was so cold! It was so worth it! The last repel was the longest and we had to free repel for the first half, such a rush! The beauty in the slot canyon was unreal... I sadly didn't get any good pictures but I will never forget it. 
Holly and I at the bottom of the first repel.

This was an incredible weekend! I'm so happy that I put this on my list and that I made a friend that was able to help me experience Zion in a way that I never would have been able to on my own. Here is the video that was made of our trip and it is amazing, Tony did such a good job!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

California, Utah and Catch Up

So much has happened since I left Boston! I'm going to have to sum it up in just a few paragraphs... 

I left Boston mid December and drove from my sisters to Layla's house in Lehi, Utah in three days. I stopped only to sleep in the truck and kept going. I wanted to get to Utah as fast as possible! I stayed in Utah for four or five days and had such a good time! One of the reasons that I went to Boston was to go on what my sister called 'a man fast' so I would be emotionally ready when I started dating again... After five months I was so ready to end that fast and knew Utah was the perfect place for that! Lucky for me, I had met a guy in Utah when I was there in August and I was determined to go out with him when I went back. Needless to say I got Scott to ask me out and I ended up spending the majority of my time with him :)

I left Utah and drove to Flagstaff for Christmas. Christmas was so fun because the whole family was there! it was so great to get to see everyone. Sadly though, by this time I was running out of money so I had to swallow my pride and work at Sizzler for a few weeks after Christmas. I was planning on going back to Utah to get my Advanced Scuba certification before moving to California. Turned out that Scott had been training as an MMA fighter and had his first fight mid January so I decided to go up then for the fight and get my certification.

I drove back up to Utah a couple days before Scott's fight. He of course won which was so fun to see! I stayed in Utah for two weeks and again spent a majority of my time with Scott. We both got our Scuba certification done together which was a ton of fun! I'm so excited that I'm one step closer to getting my Dive Master! At this point I was really wanting to stay in Utah but I couldn't stay just for Scott...

 Scott and I at The Crater in Midway getting certified, it was steaming so much our picture didn't turn out :(
 My Card :)

After a lot of debating I decided to move to California and stay with Bonnema for a while. So I drove to Southern California.... At this point I never want to drive a long distance again! So, I got a job at The Crossings Golf Course working in the restaurant. I hate that I'm a waitress again but it is a great job for me while I'm figuring out what I'm doing with my life. After being here for about five weeks Scott came and visited me! It was so fun to have him here! We spent a lot of time outside since it was about 20 degrees warmer here then in Utah :)

My brother Brooks and I after playing 9 holes and the course I work at.

Scott had his second MMA fight on Good Friday so naturally I figured that was the perfect time for me to go visit. I stayed for a week and had such an amazing time! I had met Scott's brother Devan and sister in law Maura my last visit and this time I met his sister Sarah, brother in law Todd and their kids. They are all so amazing! I felt so welcome with them, it was such a relief... Anyway, I got there the day of the fight and again Scott won of course! His opponent was a lot more qualified so it was a better fight but Scott was obviously the better fighter. It was a fun weekend after that celebrating Easter!

 Here is Scott at his fight, the last picture is Scott winning in the second round by tapping him out in a triangle choke!
 Sarah and I at the fight.
After the fight at Applebee's
Scott and I after he sang Karaoke my last night in Utah.
Bell Canyon, my favorite short hike in Utah.

I have been really happy with my life! I had some pretty hard times last year but I can honestly say as hard as it was and sometimes still is, I am happier then I ever was living in Florida. Some of it defiantly has to do with my dating life, but mostly with the fact that I have been able to get over so many of the insecurities I developed. I'm not sure what will happen with Scott, he lives in Utah and is moving to Alaska for about six months so anything could happen. I will forever be grateful to him for restoring my faith in men again and showing me what I deserve in a relationship :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

14. Go see the Autumn colors in Maine

I've finished one of my 30 things to do before I'm 30! A few weeks ago I went hiking in Acadia National Park. I have been wanting to go to Maine for years and am so glad I finally got the opportunity.
I drove up to Bangor and stayed the night and then the next morning I drove up to Orono to see where I lived when I was young. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Maine, other then because it's gorgeous, is because I was born there and haven't been back for over 10 years. It was really fun to see the old house and the area we lived. Being there brought back some memories, I wish I could remember more but what I do remember are good memories. I thought about how different my life would be if I grew up there, Orono is such a small town and Bangor is not very big either. All I really know is that Maine is one of the most beautiful places I've been! I have added one more place to the list of homes I want to own when I'm older.

This is the house we lived in till I was 5. My dad built this house while my mom was pregnant with me.
This is the lake that was a few minutes from our house.

Sandy beach in Acadia National Park.
Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.

 Jordan Pond from the hike that I did. The hike was Jordan Cliffs. Because it was raining that day this was probably not the safest hike for me to be doing.
Me on the hike.
It was a great trip and if I didn't put this on my list I probably would have just been lazy and not made the 10 hr round tip to go on a hike. I'm so excited about getting more things done!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

30 things I want to do before I'm 30!!!

I met a girl in my ward out here that did a list of 30 things she wanted to do before she was 30. I thought that that was a great idea and decided to make one of my own. As I made this list I was trying to think of a lot of the things that I wanted to do but just never took the time. Now that I have made this list I have no excuse not to finish them. I have decided that I will posted with a picture once I'm done with each one and in 2 years I will have finish them all! Also, I had to keep in mind that I'm not rich so I could put all the crazy expensive thing I want to do... Those will have to stay on my bucket list. Here is my list:

1.  Become a dive master 
2.  Dive the great barrier reef
3. Hike Mt. Timp or a similar mountain in size
4.  Go hang gliding 
5.  Learn Spanish
6.  Go skinny dipping 
7.  Read the New Testament
8.  Swim with dolphins
9.  Go to Zion's National Park - Completed June 8th, 2013
10.  Learn how to surf
11.  Take a painting class
12.  Take a cooking class
13.  Get a Vita-mix
14.  Go see the Autumn colors in Maine - Completed October 15th, 2012
15.  Get a dog
16.  Do Sub for Santa
17.  Find a service opportunity
18.  Go to Yosemite
19.  Get a job I like
20.  Start Paramedic School
21.  Learn how to play 'When you say nothing at all' on the guitar
22.  Buy a nice camera
23.  Have a dinner party
24.  Save a life
25.  Learn about my parents life before they were parents
26.  Learn about Bonnema's life
27.  Do a Tough Mudder
28.  Do a flash mob
29.  Make one of the "crafts" I've tagged on Pinterest
30.  Fall in love again

New Single Life

I have started a new chapter in my life... I have returned to the life of a single women. Josh and I got divorced two and a half months ago and it has been a roller coaster. I still care about Josh and hope that he finds what he is looking for.
As for me, I have decided to start my new life in Boston. I am currently living with my sister Marie and her family. I am taking an EMT course at Boston University and working at a restaurant (I promised myself after my last restaurant job it would be my last but now I really am promising myself this one will be my last). Once I'm finish with my course in December I'm planning on moving to Southern California!
I am really excited about my future and what is in store for me. I finally feel like I have found something that I want to do as a career and it has given me more direction then I've had in a long time.
I am so grateful for all the love and support I've gotten from my family and friends! I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. There is no way I could do this on my own.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New York

A couple weeks ago I went to New York to see Layla! I love that city and Layla and I always have so much fun! We went shopping, out to eat and to South Pacific on Broadway! I got a really cute Coach purse which a absolutely love! We ate at Lombardi's, which is one of my favorite pizza place's, the shake shack, which is a very popular burger place where I have my first burger in years, a street vendor that had pitas and we went to an amazing cupcake place! South Pacific was a lot of fun to see! I love the song "Wash that man right out of my hair"! Broadway is always an experience, and to make it better we got student tickets that were only $20! Here are some pics!


Shake Shack... I only ate half a burger, I didn't know if my body could handle a whole one :)

Magnolia's.... Best cupcakes I've ever had!

The location of this theater was so pretty! New york has so much personality I love it!

New York Temple!

Friday, June 25, 2010


A couple weeks ago I got to go to Boston to visit my sister and family! It was so good to see them! Boston was also a really cool city, my sister summed it up when she called it a "little big city". It really does have the feel of a smaller city then it really is! I can see why Marie loves it so much!

So working for Jet Blue defiantly has it's perks but the flight to Boston was horrible! I had to sit in the jump seat on our overnight flight so I was exhausted when I finally got to Boston... but that didn't stop us, after a two hour nap we were off. We went downtown and walked through a park and then down the street with all the designer clothes shops. We went into Burberry and of course I saw the cutest coat but it was $700 :( I wanted it so bad but there is no way I could afford it. Maybe someday! After that we went to a discount store like a Nordstroms Rack where I bought two dresses! Next we were off to Marie's favorite restaurant for a late lunch which was amazing and our waiter was really cute which made it even better! We then we and picked up my cute little nephews at school. The funniest thing happened when we picked them up, the oldest one Collin told me that I needed to have a baby. I told him that I need a husband first, he then told me that I'm the one that had the baby and did the work so I really didn't. Haha... kids can be so funny. I told Marie and she let me know that Collin really wants a baby around. The rest of the day was cooking and hanging out with the family.

The next day Marie and I did lots more walking and eating. We went to Harvard campus and walked around. It really is so beautiful, one of the prettiest in the country for sure. We went to the natural history museum on campus which was really interesting. There was an exhibit about evolution that got Marie and I into a debate and I am now determined to learn more about it.

It was really fun to get out to Boston to see family! My nephews are so cute and Peter, the youngest on is so incredibly smart! It was so amazing to hear him read! I sadly didn't take any pictures but I'll have to next trip!